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Meet Our Teams


Patient First Social Enterprise is a GP led organisation based in the London Brough of Newham. We provide a range of clinical services for patients at NHS facilities in partnership with GPs and hospital consultants.


Our aim is to provide high quality, fast, NHS care in a community setting.


We are a team of medical professionals who specialise in addressing the very real health care needs of people of East London, reducing secondary care spend, and in delivering primary care and diagnostic solutions. 


We have demonstrable expertise in addressing the ever-changing needs of the NHS and the public at a local level, in moving care closer to people's homes, health education, and in achieving excellence in primary and acute health care. 


Patient First is a social enterprise, which means we invest back into out communities. 


What people say about us:

"Very happy with the service I get. Thank you." 



Patient on Musculoskeletal service



“It was a great experience with this bioDensity machine. Initially I felt I would not be able to move or progress but I saw gradual progress and it is entirely a different feeling after doing this exercise, you feel energised and feel you have strength and best part is the stamina which you feel you have gained”.



Clinical Director at Stratford Village Surgery on bioDensity service

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