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Chaperone Policy

A Chaperones role is to witness both the patient and the clinician as well as safeguarding both parties during a medical examination or procedure.


The exact role of a chaperone will vary according to the clinical situation. 

If you have any questions or concerns about intimate examinations or chaperoning, please do not hesitate to ask a clinician or admin staff member.

During your care, a clinician may need to examine you. Occasionally this may involve an examination of intimate areas. We understand that this can be stressful and embarrassing. 
If this type of examination is necessary: 

•    We will explain to you why the examination is necessary and give you the opportunity to ask questions 

•    We will explain what the examination will involve 

•    We will obtain your consent  before we carry out the examination 

•    You will be offered a chaperone to be present during the examination 

•    At all times we will respect your privacy during the examination and while dressing and undressing 

When booking an appointment that may involve an examination of intimate areas, please request a chaperone. The admin staff will then make the necessary arrangements for a chaperone to be available. 


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