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Formally known as the bioDensity Programme.





Our OsteoStrong services are provided from Stratford Village Surgery.

The service is run by Bazil Hunte who has worked with Stratford Village Surgery and Dr John Jaquish (who invented the OsteoStrong machine, USA) to pioneer the first OsteoStrong (Osteogenic Loading) exercise programme in the UK.















OsteoStrong is not a gym, diet, supplement, pharmaceutical, or a medical treatment. OsteoStrong is a unique place where you can go to improve your overall health by focusing on the one thing we all have in common: a skeletal system.

The skeletal system is the foundation for your body and provides more than just strength and protection. It is arguably one of the most critical systems of the human body, and by implementing a strategy to care for and strengthen it, many experience the following results:

  • Improved Bone Density

  • Improved Posture

  • Improved Balance

  • Improved Athletic Performance

  • Less Joint and Back Pain

Through a safe set of self-loading exercises, leading to a healthier and fulfilling life. 

OsteoStrong works for people at all ages and levels of activity to promote skeletal strength which impacts the entire body in many ways using a process known as Osteogenic Loading. Sessions are quick, painless, and results are measurable and happen quickly.


OsteoStrong sets out to address the needs of clients who have been diagnosed with osteoporosis, osteopenia, Arthritis, joints and back pains, as well as those who may be susceptible to fractures. The programme also seeks to help diabetic patients, through the production of new insulin receptors and the reduction of blood glucose levels, which could have a positive impact on their lifestyles.


Benefits of OsteoStrong:

  • OsteoStrong emphasis is on strengthening the musculoskeletal system which can reduce hospital readmissions, resulting from fractures due to falls.


  • OsteoStrong’s self-induced exercises are very safe since the individual’s central nervous system (comfort level) regulates each person’s limitations.


  • The OsteoStrong system’s osteogenic loading exercises target three of the major risk factors pertaining to falls for older adults; reduced posture, poor balance, weak bones and neurological conditions, thus reducing the susceptibility for fractures which may result in falls.


  • OsteoStrong’s once-a-week protocol can be seamlessly added into the conventional exercise, therapeutic, and medication programmes of nearly all Senior Care facilities. Additionally, there’s no residual pain or discomfort for the user the next day.



The above charts shows the combined data analysis of bone density changes in peer-reviewed clinical literature showing the different options and average changes. Traditional recommendations for bone health include Calcium, Vitamin D3 and physical activity, but as can be seen above, those recommendations, may not be helping as much as some may think.  

OsteoStrong has shown to increase bone density to levels that can be life changing. In many cases, people increase bone density to levels seen in healthy people in their mid-twenties.


Bone Density Research Summary

In 2012, a study was published that showed that subjects had to experience at least 4.2 times their body weight in order to trigger the growth of healthy new bone tissue.  At OsteoStrong, members easily experience 4 to 10 times their own bodyweight without injury or pain, triggering the development of healthy new bone tissue according to the 2012 study.

The use of osteogenic devices has shown promising results. Though there are only 4 studies on the specific application of osteogenic loading devices, the underlying principal is one of the most fundamental of human physiology (mechanotransduction) and as loads seen with osteogenic use are far beyond the minimum established trigger for building bone, the results seen are beyond that of other treatments. Bone density has been shown to improve 7.34% between the spine and hip results over one year of treatment. Further, Hunte and researchers found bone density gains of over 14% after 6 months of treatment. Further research shows statistical congruency with a larger sample (n=2300) for functional bone performance gains and BMD.



Less than 10 minutes; Once a Week


OsteoStrong is a true paradigm shift in the way people can achieve stronger bones, increase strength and improve balance at just about any age. OsteoStrong is not a gym, diet, pharmaceutical or health supplement.

We utilize a very specialized technician-monitored system designed to trigger an individual’s own natural adaptive responses to grow new, healthy tissue without soreness and without the sweet associated with working out at a gym.



Skeletal Strength Limits Muscle Strength

OsteoStrong technology has been shown to trigger bone density growth, but why does this matter to an athlete? Other than protection from fractures, skeletal strengthening in many cases eliminates limitations to plateaus and muscle growth.

The central nervous system has a self-protecting process called neural inhibition. This process keeps muscles from engaging if a voluntary action is causing pain or discomfort. Under the high-impact activities, the central nervous system limits muscular power to protect the skeletal system and joints. The best way to illustrate this is by clenching one's fist or flexing the muscles to their maximum potential. Under no circumstances can an individual break their own bones. Neural inhibition will not permit it.

As many have seen with OsteoStrong, bone density can be brought to levels more than two standard deviations above what is considered to be normal. This means your body has a more powerful frame, will allow more muscular engagement and thereby more muscular strength and power.

Consider this illustration. When comparing a Formula 1 race car to an economy car, other than the engine, there is a stark difference between the frames of each car. The framework of the economy car simply cannot support the power of the Formula 1 racing engine. In much the same way, the central nervous system will not permit the muscular system to become stronger than what the skeletal system can handle.















Skeletal Strength Improves Balance

At age 30, virtually everyone starts to lose muscle strength. In fact, if eating right and working out could hold off this natural course of aging, we would see professional athletes continuing their careers well beyond their 30’s.

One of the symptoms of declining musculoskeletal strength, is a loss of balance. Because you engage your central nervous system and entire musculoskeletal system in a brief but very unique way at OsteoStrong, one of the benefits is an almost instant improvement in balance and agility. In fact, it’s one of the first things that people notice. Below is an internal case report we conducted with over 50 members to help illustrate this great benefit. A regular protocol at OsteoStrong  centers is to track balance improvements before each session.

OsteoStrong Can Also Help With Diabetes

There are multiple, well-proven and safe approaches to treating type II diabetes and metabolic dysfunction. Fortunately, these different approaches can be used individually, or in conjunction with one another. When viewed as single therapies however, it is OsteoStrong that performs the best compared to the other standards of care in the reduction of HbA1c (long term blood glucose measures).

Recent research suggest that Osteogenic  Loading Therapy as a supplement to standard care is both feasible and effective in improving glycemic control among moderate-risk adults with poor glycemic control. Significant reductions were measured in HbA1c levels amongst group subjects by 8.8% (+/- 4.1% SD) from baseline to post-test without weight or BMI change.


OsteoStrong Can Help With Posture

Dramatic improvements can happen quickly at all ages with regular OsteoStrong sessions. Both members below experienced the results shown here in less than 8 sessions (2-months). Many others see similar results because of the unique yet simple way that OsteoStrong sessions engage the entire musculoskeletal chain.



Added Benefits

  1. Effective – the compression of bone mass promotes improved bone health and increased muscular strength.

  2. Safe – all settings are self-applied ensuring each movement is within your comfort zone.

  3. Fast and convenient – each session requires less than 10 minutes, one time per week and no change of clothes are necessary.

  4. Accurate and Reliable – server-based system ensures your information follows you to any OsteoStrong location.

  5. Measurable Results – OsteoStrong Performance Reports are generated immediately after each session showing progress from the start.

What to expect

A full OsteoStrong session can be completed quickly - once a week - without change of clothes, making it the ideal exercise for both older adults and compromised individuals looking to develop healthy bones, muscles, joints, strength, better balance and posture without medication. It’s for these reasons, that OsteoStrong serves as an ideal treatment option for numerous individuals living with common bone loss conditions, joints and back pains.


The four exercises:

The OsteoStrong system is comprised of four exercises, with the entire session taking 15 minutes and is performed just once a week. This routine activates and energizes the bones, muscles and central nervous system.


1. Chest Press

  • Compression of bone in the upper body

  • Build bone density

  • Increases the strength of tendons & ligaments to realign joints

















The chest press activates the muscles of the upper body (primarily the pectorals, deltoids and triceps) to produce impact force loads by pushing in a direction away from the body.




2. Leg Press

  • Activation & Compression of joints and bone mass in the lower extremities,

    including the hip.















The leg press activates the muscles of the lower body (primarily the quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteals and calves) to produce impact force loads by pushing in a direction away from the body.




3. Core Pull

  • Engage the Core

  • Stimulate the lower rib cage, the pelvis, and the neuromuscular kinetic chain.

















The core pull activates the muscles of the core (primarily the lumber- pelvic-hip complex) and upper body (primarily the latissimus dorsi and biceps) as well as the bones of the rib cage and the lumber-pelvic-hip complex.




4. Vertical Lift

  • Activation of all surrounding joints and muscles of the spine

  • Compression of all bones in the kinetic chain (the relationship or connection between your nerves, muscles and bones)














The vertical lift activates the muscles of the arms, back and legs (primarily the forearms, trapezius, rhomboids, erector spinae, gluteals and hamstrings).


If you have any questions about this service, please do contact us.



Patient Testimony


Here is what our patients have to say about our OsteoStrong services.







































































































































































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I would like to thank and acknowledge the following for their contributions: 


  1. Dr. Bhupinder Kohli, Chief Medical Director & Finance Director for the First 4 Health Group

  2. Dr. John Jaquish, Principal of Jaquish Industrial Research (JIR) and inventor of the OsteoStrong machine

  3. Dr. Ashwin Shah, Chairman & Strategy Director for the First 4 Health Group

  4. Dr. Sudha Shah, Chief Clinical Director for the First 4 Health Group.

  5. PatientFirst Administration Staff 

  6. PatientFirst GPs & Physiotherapists

  7. Performance Health Systems (PHS)

  8. Gary & Nichola Rhodes, Managing Directors of Cleanbright Services

  9. All the OsteoStrong patients

Bazil Hunte

BSc (Hons), HCPC, MSc & MBPsS

Health Psychologist and Wellness Consultant


       077 2916 7228

This patient discusses the way OsteoStrong decreased her pain a lot and helped her to become more active.

This patient talks about how the OsteoStrong programme allowed her to become more supple and feel a lot better in herself.

This patient explains how the OsteoStrong programme made her feel like she had more energy and decreased the amount of pain she experienced.

This patient mentions the benefit to his body and mind since taking part in the OsteoStrong programme. 

This patient talks about how the OsteoStrong programme helped decrease the everday pain she used to feel in her body.

Follow the link below to find out about the OsteoStrong programme.
       Introduction to OsteoStrong

Dr S. Shah shares how the OsteoStrong programme has made her feel more strength in her bones and joints.

"I would like to say since I started my OsteoStrong exercise I can confidently state that I have never felt this physically strong for many years particularly in my legs I find myself bouncing up several flight of stairs at work for the sheer joy of it because I can. Whereas, it was something that I found quite laborious before. Thank You!”

RW, 61 year old suffered from back problems for a number of years.


“I was a bit sceptical about the OsteoStrong machine when I heard about it but after my sixth session my back pain was completely gone.  I carried on doing my sessions and I noticed a difference, my leg and chest muscles feel much stronger and my back pain have not returned”. Dr. AH, 38 year old suffered from back pains for a number of years."

Dr. AH, 38 year old suffered from back pains for a number of years.


“I completed 12 sessions of programme on the OsteoStrong machine which finished around three weeks ago. The machine was easy to use itself and also with the added help from Baz. I would say at around week three I could feel some benefits from using the machine, pain in my knees and back had reduced. Then as weeks went on I could feel that muscle tone overall was improved and more supportive around knee and ankle joints, posture had improved as well. I will say I will always have pain in my back due to a disk bulge but using the machine did help. Pain before using machine on a scale of 1-10 was an 8-9 at times. While using the machine pain was reduced to 4-5. A couple of times after using the machine I did feel like I had over exercised and my body was a  bit sore and ached a bit. All in all using the bio machine was a good experience and I hope to continue”.

KW, 41 year old.

“It was a wonderful experience having the OsteoStrong done. I certainly will refer patients to you. Keep it up”.

Dr. BO, 51 year old.

“After over 12 weeks on your OsteoStrong programme I feel fitter than when I started. As you are aware I walk the three-quarters of a mile from my home to the surgery with my daughter for our appointments with you. Since starting the programme I have cut my journey time from 25mins to about 15mins without stopping. I do get tired on the walk back home but nowhere like before, I do however feel, I am making improvements as the weeks go by”.

SP, 73 years old.

“The exercise programme was very useful for me as it shows me where I lacked and where I can make improvements. It motivated me to join a gym to extend my fitness. So I am really very pleased with the program”.

AD, Nurse, 28 year old.

“I have had a fantastic experience using the Bio-Density program, I find each week I come to use the machine, that I am surprised that generally I have gained overall from the last week. It is challenging, I come home feeling I have done a good workout. I have been doing a lot of bike riding this summer and I do see improvement in my power in my legs. I have found the program to be great in improve overall health. My body has less aches and pains. My knee pains in my right leg are gone. Overall, I have great things to say about the Bio-Density Program”.

ST, 40 year old

“I was a bit sceptical about the bio-density machine when I heard about it but after my sixth session my back pain was completely gone.  I carried on doing my sessions and I noticed a difference, my leg and chest muscles feel much stronger and my back pain has not returned”.

Dr. AH, 38 year old suffered from back pains for a number of years

“We are benefiting from OsteoStrong machine as we can see from the graph which go up and up. My wife and I are very happy from on this machine and your co-operation and help during our session and look forward to your co-operation in future”.

Mr & Mrs KDS, 51 & 61 year old

“I feel that it has helped me see what my strength level is, even when I have had gaps for few weeks”.

MP, 50 year old

“Thanks for giving me the opportunity to work on OsteoStrong machine. I must say after every session when I see the improvement graph, I feel really good. I have been feeling really energetic. I have suffered back problems in past but since I have started this machine, it seems to get better”.

P S, 35 year old