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The overall aim of PFSE to be a ‘responsible and local’ provider for the local community.  


We achieve this by ensuring all services are delivered within existing GP practices , which meet CQC standards, and which are easily accessible to patients. All our  services are listed on Choose & Book .


It is simple and efficient to refer a patient to any one of our specialist services.


Referrals to Patientfirst can be sent via various methods, as listed below:

1. From the patients Documents, highlight the completed referral form

2. Right click on the document, and select the option 'Send document'

3. From the pop-up window, select 'Other' - this will now activate the drop down list below

4. Click on the magnifying glass, and search for 'Patientfirst Community Services'

5. Double click on the icon 

6. Click on send

7. There will be a progress bar appearing on screen. Once it disappears, this can be taken as confirmation that it has been delivered into the Patientfirst Workflow.


NHS: eReferral service (formerly Choose and Book)

Fax: 020 3288 3950

Benefits of our community based services

By referring  patient appointments and  treatment  into the community, away from acute locations, we can provide the following unique services: 


  • Appropriate triage of all referrals by clinical experts


  • Redirect and educate any inappropriate referrals


  • Use the latest IT and telephony technology to streamline appointment booking 


  • Increase and decrease capacity as demand dictates


  • Offer both patients and referrers a single point of access 


  • Deliver a paper light approach enabling the record to be accessed from any location


  • Robust appointment procedures which ensure all patients are tracked and monitored


  • Reduce the operational cost associated with multiple service point providers


  • Image and file sharing, directly back to the referring GP



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